UNK Safe Ride

THE SAFE RIDE # 308-234-6725


The University of Nebraska Kearney Safe Ride program provides UNK students with an alternative to drinking and driving; keeping the campus and community safe from drinking and driving incidents. This program is primarily funded through H&H Distributing.



The Safe Ride program is active during semester months (August 23rd-December 23rd and January 13th-May 11th), Tuesdays and Thursday-Saturday from the hours of 9 pm-2 am.



The “safe ride” is provided by Kearney Taxi service within the Kearney city limits.

Student ID is required and multiple passengers per ride are recommended for safety and efficiency purposes.

Any UNK student may call the Kearney Taxi Service for a free ride from any bar to their residence or from a residential area back to campus (retail businesses excluded).

Safe Rides do NOT run from campus to a residential area, or from one residence to another.

No detours or stops are allowed between the point of pick-up and destination.