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It’s OK To Not Be OK: Signs & Symptoms of Depression

There are a quite a few life changes that come with the commencement of college. For example, one acquires roommates, develops new friendships, is exposed to new cultures, takes on new classes and even develops a new lifestyle. This is a lot to take on! For many, these changes can lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and sad. Depression is a mental health disorder and is known to affect college students in many unexpected ways (Riba & Cusumano, 2018). For instance, it can affect not only a student’s academic performance, but their sleep regimen, their relationship with peers and overall health. Depression comes in many forms like sleeping a lot or not enough, affecting one’s appetite, and deterring one’s motivation to do things like going to class or participating in activities. Depression can isolate students and make them feel sad and hopeless(Riba & Cusumano, 2018). If the depression gets deeper, it could even lead to students to develop thoughts of suicide. When it comes to depression, not many people are comfortable …

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