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Halloween Safety Tips

by Britney

Who doesn’t love the spooky season!? Halloween is something we all look forward to at the end of the month…candy, costumes, scary movies and so much more! But as we become adults and learn to make our own choices, Halloween is not all “cupcakes and rainbows” as it once was. Here are some tips on how to be SAFE on Halloween:

  1. Have a DD

It is ALWAYS important to have someone who can make sure you get home safely. 52% of motor vehicle deaths happen on Halloween. Don’t have a friend who can take you home? No worries! The UNK Peer Health Education Office provides UNK students with a safe ride home through their program “Safe Ride.”

What is Safe Ride?

  • Any UNK student may call the Kearney Taxi Service for a FREE ride from any bar to their residence or from a residential area back to campus.

Safe Ride Rules

  • UNK student ID is required and multiple passengers per ride are recommended for safety and efficiency purposes. Safe Rides do NOT run from campus to a residential area, or from one residence to another. And there are NO detours or stops allowed between the point of pick-up and destination.

Hours of Operation

  • The Safe Ride program is active during semester months (beginning on the first day of each semester and ending on the last day of each semester), Tuesdays and Thursday-Saturday from the hours of 9 pm – 2 am.

PLEASE NOTE: Wednesdays are not typically nights Safe Ride is operating; however, due to Halloween being on a Wednesday this year, Safe Ride will be in FULL OPERATION from 9 pm – 2 am on 10/31/18.

SAFE RIDE: 308-234-6725

  1. Never put an open drink down and always open your own drinks

Always keep an eye on your drink. You should be the only one touching it. The only people you can trust are yourself and your small group of friends you went with! Also, don’t drink something anyone hands you. You should always be aware of what you are drinking.

  1. Always have someone with you

It’s important to be around people you trust, especially when walking around outside at night. The buddy system is the best system! Nighttime walks are scary, no matter what state of mind you’re in. Keep an eye on your friends and others as well! The Bystander Effect is real – if something doesn’t seem right, please step in!

  1. Know your limit

If you’re drinking, keep in mind how much you are consuming. When you know it is time to stop, then stop. Do not give into peer pressure. You can make your own smart choices – the Bystander Effect also relates to this!

  1. Alternate drinks with water

To keep yourself safe while drinking, alternate each drink with a glass of water. Drinking water is important because alcohol dehydrates your body. If you are constantly drinking water while consuming alcohol, your body will be able to replenish itself easier.

  1. Don’t eat any candy that has a broken wrapper

This goes hand-in-hand with open drinks and drinking only YOUR drink! Don’t consume anything if you aren’t positive it is safe. Halloween has become more of a dangerous activity than it ever was, so please check everything before you consume it.


The UNK Peer Health Education office hopes you have a

safe and fun night! Have a faBOOlous Halloween!