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How much do you know


about alcohol on campus?

Know the basics about alcohol to keep you, your friends, and fellow students safe.

What’s a



A standard drink contains around 0.6 fluid ounces of “pure” alcohol even though drinks are different sizes.

Alcohol and the body.

The Brain

As Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) builds, one’s thought processes, emotional reponses, motor coordination, and memory become impaired.

The Stomach

Alcohol affects the drinker quicker because it does not require digestion. It is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the walls of the stomach and small intestines.

Factors that may impact absorption: Food consumption before alcohol use, the weight and height of the individual, gender, and the amount and concentration of alcohol.

The Liver

The liver can only remove alcohol from the bloodstream at a constant rate of about one drink per hour. When alcohol is consumed at a faster rate, the liver cannot keep up and the BAC continues to rise.

Know the


of alcohol poisoning.

  • mental confusion
  • vomiting
  • bluish skin
  • irregular breathing
  • paleness

Take action by staying with your friend, calling 911 or UNK Police, and lying your friend on his/her side to prevent choking.

Remember the Good Samaritan Law.

This law encourages minors to make the call for medical assistance due to alcohol intoxication if they or a friend need help. This grants limited legal immunity for all minors if they remain on the scene and cooperate with the law.